UV resin & accessories

UV resin & accessories
UV Resin
  • UV Resin is a transparent gel that cures when exposed to ultraviolet rays.
  • Under direct sunlight takes about 15-30mins to cure.
  • UV Lamp (at least 9W) is faster, curing in about 5-10mins.
  • Try not to do a thick layer at one time. It will cure better and faster if you build it up in thin layers. 
  • Excellent for open back bezels, bezel trays, small silicone molds, coating for shrink plastic, etc.
  • Comes in hard and soft type. 
    • Hard type is solid when cured. Suitable for casting small ornament, accessories and more.
    • Soft type is flexible when cured. Suitable for creating fake gummy candies, protective coat for bendable materials like fabric, plastics and more.
      $7.90 SGD $2.90 SGD
      UV Torch (21 LED)
      • 21 LED UV 395-400 nm flashlight
      • Powered by 3x AAA alkaline batteries (not included
      • Aluminum body
      $6.90 SGD
      UV lamp 36W
      • Power: 36W
      • Dimension: 19cm x 17cm x 8cm
      • Material: ABS Plastic
      • 3pcs of 12W bulb included.

      To set timer, switch black button to 'II', then press pink button. If you do not want to set timer, switch black button to ‘I'.

      $15.90 SGD
      UV glue 10ml
      • UV Glue is an adhesive for bonding transparent glass and plastic to non-porous surface.
      • Drying takes only 10-15 secs under ultraviolet rays.
      • Please note that this is not resin. 
          $3.50 SGD
          UV lamp 9W
          • Power: 9W
          • Voltage: 220V-240V 50Hz
          • Dimension: 26.8cm x 11cm x 11cm
          • Material: ABS Plastic
          • Package includes: 1pc 9W UV lamp + 1pc lamp tube
          $12.90 SGD

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