Shrink plastic

Shrink plastic

Shrink plastic sheet is thin flexible polystyrene which, when heated in an oven or with heat gun, shrink to small hard piece. It can be cut with scissors, drawn with permanent ink markers. It can also be coloured with colour pencils and colour markers, but only on sanded surface. It is recommended to glaze on the sanded side after heating, so as to protect your drawings and give it a nice shine.

Size per sheet is approximately 20cm x 29.5cm (slightly smaller than A4 size). 

Shrunk size: about 44% of the original size.
How to calculate size
Lets say you want the shrunk size to be 5cm, the original size will be 11.36cm (5x100÷44).

If you are new to this material, please google for tutorials and creative ideas before you start.

Our Shrink plastic is glossy on one side and sanded (rough) on the other. Glossy on both sides are available only in clear and white colour.

Please note that clear transparent ones have scratch marks on the surface, but will disappear after heating.

Shrink plastic (Clear) - Frosted
  • Color: Clear (Frosted)
  • Size:  20cm x 29.5cm
$1.40 SGD
Shrink plastic (Clear) - Transparent
  • Color: Clear (Transparent)
  • Size:  20cm x 29.5cm
$1.30 SGD
Shrink plastic (Colored)
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Size:  20cm x 29.5cm
  • Red and gold shimmer are translucent. The rests of the colours are opaque.
$1.60 SGD
Shrink plastic (Glow in Dark)
  • Glow in Dark
  • Size:  20cm x 29.5cm
$2.80 SGD
Shrink plastic (Inkjet printable)
  • Size:  A4
  • Colours: White, Clear frosted
  • Important note: Print on the sanded side
$2.80 SGD
Shrink plastic (White)
  • Color: White 
  • Size: 20cm x 29.5cm
  • Available in single glossy and double side glossy
$1.60 SGD
Shrink plastic Pre-cut
  • Color: Clear (Frosted)
  • Thickness before shrinking: 0.2mm
  • Thickness after shrinking: 1.2mm
$1.10 SGD

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