Freezing time

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Time seem so much faster nowadays. Though the fact is that 1 minute today is still the same old 1 minute 30 years ago.

There seem to be so much more things to do with time now. Watching Korean soap drama, playing games on devices, taking selfies and posting them on social media. Or like what I am doing right now, blogging.

Same amount of time but more things to do. Maybe that is what make 1 minute seems shorter now.

Has always been trying to find something that can freeze time; like many of them whom tried the same in movies and novels. And like always, it is in nature that you will be able to find what you really want, the Amber.

Imagined that you were an ant climbing up the tree, going about your daily chores, bringing food back to your family. Suddenly, some sticky resin oozed out of the tree trunk. And there you were stuck. More and more resin oozed out and eventually, totally encased you within.


And millions of years later, you will be still intact, in your final pose. Thanks to the tree resin, time has been frozen for you.

My friend’s online shop Felicity Findings also has a product which has the same magical ability to freeze time.

  • just add casting resin, 1 portion of B to 3 portion of A;
  • stir well;
  • pour into a silicone mold of your own liking;
  • embed your thoughts (or creativity);
  • let it set for 24 hours max;

and that moment of your life has been frozen.

But come to think about it, being frozen in time may not be that cool afterall. Because while you are been frozen, the earth is still revolving around the sun. Your loved ones are still carrying on with their life. So I thought we may want to just take things slower, one thing at a time. Just like what is in this song, 从前的日色变得慢,车马邮件都慢,一生只够爱一个人。。。

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